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Paper size: 310 x 610mm
Image size: 220 x 540mm
Edition size: 100

There’s a stiff breeze and a decent swell, and the surf might just be good enough for a surfer to get out his wet suit.  The sea just beyond the surf-line still has a bit of energy and action to it. Foam trails back from the last breaking wave and the water is still settling down, in readiness for the next wave coming in.

I watched this party of eider ducks swim out from the shore, through the breaking waves and then cruise the zone beyond the breakers, ocassionally diving for mussels. The two drakes shadowed the duck’s every move, like courtiers around their queen.

I wanted to convey a slow heaviness in the sea, not rough but enough to make it an ‘interesting’ paddle in a sea kayak.

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