Ivory gull


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Print details;

Paper size; 305mm x 415mm
Image size; 266mm x 377mm
Edition size; 16

On a recent trip to Svalbard in the High Arctic, the group I was co-leading were treated to the spectacle of three Ivory gulls cruising along the front of the Kronebreen Glacier. These pure white gulls are Arctic specialists and to me were reminiscent of Snow petrels that are found in the Antarctic. The calving glacier churned up the sediment on the seabed, turning the water an earthy brown colour, which contrasted nicely with the blue ice.

The original painting, an acrylic on paper, was sold but there were calls for a print to be made. This print is very limited – only 16 copies were made and I have 10 of them remaining. Using Ph neutral art paper and printed using an eleven-colour process, this is a very special print.

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